Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AIM for success

AIM for success !!! Do you know what the secret formula to success is, i do its A+I=M. A for Aspiration, I for Inspiration and M is Motivation. Aspiration means to achieve something or achieve goals. Inspiration can mean two things intrinsic which means to achieve something within and extrinsic which means to achieving bigger goals like owning your own car or a house.

Be a giver not a taker !!! Uili at the age of 11 years old turned a homeless mans life around. Uili saw the homeless man crying outside the dairy so he stopped and gave the man a pie his lunch and money and started talking to him everyday Uili would stop and do the same thing. Uili did this for two weeks. The homeless man didn't expect Uili to give him anything. The man walked Uili to school and had told Uili teacher about Uili giving him things.
Generous boy, 11, gives lunch to homeless man every day for two weeks.

Friday, 27 October 2017


This is a presentation about the parts in a Orchestra. There is a strings family and a Brass family.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Steps on how to be a good role model.

Steps on how to be a good role model.
What is a good role model, is a good role model someone who skips school or is it someone people looks up to for help. My role model is Fiao'o Fa'amausili when it comes to sports and my mum is my real role model.
1st idea
What my role models sound like. My role models always sound encouraging and happy, My mum is always positive towards my school work and sports. To me, my role models should always sound like this.
2nd idea
How does your role model act ?, what does a role model do? Role models consistently act there age and they are always kind to one another. They show a good example to the younger ones. They are proud to be who they are.
3rd idea
Role models are constantly generous to others and always keep their promises. Role models learn over time to overcome obstacles. Role models learn to accept other people and their differences.
There are many role models within Pt England school. My role models at school are Mr Somerville and Whaea Kelly. Writing these simple steps have made me become a better role model.