Thursday, 10 December 2015

Camp Bentzon Kawau Island Recount writing

Walt: summarise a week long experience into a recount.

Start writing here:
Last week we had our own year 6 camp at Kawau Island. This camp was called camp Benzton. It was called camp Benzton by it’s owner who has passed away. This camp has a volleyball court outside and it has a cool park with a slide, a flyingfox and a tunnel.

We first met in the hall at 7 o,clock in the morning.  At about 7:15 am we started loading the bus with our bags and we also got on the bus ourselves. After we loaded the bus and set off to Sandspit. When we got there we get off the bus and started unloading the bus. Then we had morning tea. After morning tea we started loading the ferry.

When we got to Kawau Island we waited to get off the ferry. We can unload the ferry. We left our bags outside under shelter. We went for a long hike for about an hour and then came back and settled into our little cabin groups. In my cabin I had Inez, Akosita, Lotu, and Cameo.

The next day we had activities planned to do. We did the confidence course, burma trail, orienteering, abseiling. We first started with the confidence course. Then we did a scary burma trail. Then a really really really long walk  doing orienteering. The we did a really scary climbing challenge abseiling.

The Next we did Kayaking first that was so scary why because we saw eagle-rays and sting rays. Then we did Raft making we didn’t even float that far. After that we did bivouac. Our last activity was sailing that was really scary.

This camp was really fun and exciting and scary. We really miss Kawau Island when look at photo of Kawau Island we want to go back.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bees reflection

Have you seen a beehive in real life? Well us lucky yr ⅚ extension group got  to see one in real life with Rose-Mary Weir. We have learnt so much from this session with Rose-Mary Weir.

We have learnt that bees can fly three miles or more if there is more food ahead. We also learnt that worker bees produce half of a teaspoon of honey in there lifetime. When Rose showed us the beehive we all went and looked at all the bees inside the beehive.

Rose told us that German wasp is not friends with the bees so the German wasp kill the bees by stinging them. The paper wasp are friends with the bees which means that they don't kill them.

Merry christmas GIF

Walt: make our own GIF.

We are learning how to make our own Christmas GIF. This activity was fun and cool.