Friday, 20 February 2015

The power of rubbish

WALT: Look beyond the text

Landfill is a place where rubbish is dumped. This comes from some peoples waste. There is a gas called methane and it can be used for fuel and electricity. Methane goes into the ground and rubbish, it can be very dangerous. When this the methane is in the ground, bores are drilled into the ground and they are pumped up and tested for quality and quantity. If the gas is good and it is the right amount, it can be reused for fuel and electricity.The electricity can producees enough electricity for ninethousand homes.  

Our task was to tell the audience what is a landfill from the website we were to read from.

Chicken worms

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation
Has your teacher ever feed you chicken flavoured worms? We sat down like normal today, but then our teacher started talking about chicken flavoured worms. Some of us were really confused.
Marked by Rosalina
This task was to write about juicy chicken worms.This task was telling me to write a introduction abolut what happened.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Duffy theatre

Walt: Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing. 

Duffy theatre
On monday the 9of february 2015 years 4-8 classes joined  to the Duffy show. The Duffy show is all about encouraging people to read. After Lining up our class made our way to the hall.when we arrived at the hall and we sat down then our class sat down and played simon says.

Then the duffy show started, Sienna played as a girl who doesn't like reading books. One rainy day she saw a man named duffy inside a bookstore when he came outside he saw her and said his name and introduced himself to her she said “i don’t have any change and why are you taking books from a bookstore”. and Duffy said “ you don’t need money to buy some books you need a library card go get some books and plus it’s a library”sienna replies saying” you stole them you stole them” Duffy says “no i didn't steal it”.

Just before the show finished sienna asked duffy to tell her the quiz. Duffy said “what quiz oh the quiz ok whats your favourite colour”sienna “green like the gardens”Duffy “what's your favourite animal”sienna “The dinosaurs. All of her answers she realised were about gardening and dinosaurs.

The show made me excited about reading.I recommend it to all the kids in New Zealand.
Our task was to write about the duffy show.  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Predicting what is in the bag

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions

Holiday Recount

Holiday writing

First me and my family arrived at the beautiful Pt england beach.Next we all helped put up a white gazebo. After a few minutes I went and got changed in to my pink with purple swimming togs and went for a swim.Me and a couple of my freinds went boming of the slipery rock
                 Paragraph 2          
After having a swim i went and  had something to eat then went back for a swim again. After a few minutes later me and my friends got changed out of our swimming clothes and then went back to the gazebo.Then after a hot day we all went home with the gazebo and had something to eat.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

About whitebait fritters

WALT:Follow instuctions and complete tasks to a high standard.
I learnt to Follow instuctions our challenge was to make a presentation and make it beautiful but the background had to stay white. Whitebait are freshwater fish live’s in rivers and some live in lakes.Whitebait fritters are different to whitebait because whitebait is fish and whitebait fritters are baked with eggs and flour.