Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Disco Poster

This is a poster for our school disco that will be held in our school hall TONIGHT @ 6 - 7.30 for Pt England learners in team 4 & 5 ,the theme is glow in the dark, hope to see you all to night.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Speech

Why should we have to stay in school? Well what would you rather be educated or be like those hoes who just sit around at home, roam the streets all day committing crimes and smoking weed. If you picked sitting around at home and roaming the streets, this explanation should help you want to rethink.

Stay in school!!  It’s good to stay in school because you learn more and you’ll get greater grades than those people who drop out of school because it’s boring or they simply just don’t want to learn. Most kids drop out because they’re bored and they would rather roam the streets committing crimes. You could improve your education by staying out of trouble and crime and to learn more different things.

The key to success in life is to have a good education while you’re young and to stay in school. Kids drop out because they don’t see their future going anywhere or they don’t want a job in the future. Kids like me see their future going somewhere, somewhere good where they’l have a good job.

Having a good education leads up to having a good job like maybe being a lawyer where you earn heaps of money, with that money you could buy you and your family a house a car and some other things. Money is a key part in life look at all those people on the streets all the homeless people they are homeless probably because they didn’t have a good education but most of them didn’t expect to be homeless.


Today in Literacy class we were given the task to post our advertisement poster plan on to our blog. We were spilt into groups and given different posters. Our task was to state down the things that were good about the poster. Each group presented there work to the class and told stated what they all wrote down.