Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My effective writing about Superpowers.

WALT:write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting Words

If i was to have a superpower it would be highly ultimate speed. Why because i like sports and it might be good for sports like rugby, league and other sports that includes a oval or a round shaped ball. I would probably accelerate through the whole team. Read on to find out more about my super speed power that’s good for sports and running away from trouble at school just joking.

My power is highly extreme speed  it would be good for washing the dishes and doing the chores and other things to help out around the house. My powers would look like a blink of an eye. My fantastic super powers would fell like wind and a air mixed together. Can you imagine you having the same power as me WOW.  

Rubric Marked by Alfa.

Image result for quicksilverWhat i could do with my powers is to make it into a rugby or rugby league team like shaun johnson who plays for the New zealand warriors or like aaron cruden who plays for the All Blacks. What i could do to help out in G.I. is to save people from getting crushed when a building falls down on to them. If i was to help out the world is to run when someone is being assaulted by a villain or someone bad.

Image result for quicksilver cartoon
I think having this super power is unbelievable. If you had this superpower would you think this is cool or would you think that it’s not that good. I think having highly super speed that would be good for sports players that's why i picked this super power. If you liked my writing please comment to me on my blog post at the bottom thanks for reading.

We wrote together in silents for about 10-13 minutes After writing we recrafted someone elses writing. In between writing our paraghraphs we paired up with a partner and marked each other work. We learn't to write effective paraghraps by checking it with a partner. We also learn't to use juicy words checking with a partner. We learn't to write effective paraghraphs using juicy words.

Friday, 26 June 2015

My effectve writing about Super Mario.

WALT:Write effective paraghraphs

I am going to tell you about a famous game that was played on nentindos and gameboy. This game is a fun sidescrolling game that we as kids at pt england school on our chromebooks and other different There are different species of this game like super mario world it is a computer game

The aim of the game is to clock the levels there are 15 levels to clock. To grow bigger you have to collect the mushrooms how you either run in to them or you jump on them. You have to dodge the eels they are your evil enemies. If you run into them you die and have to restart. You have to collect the stars.

Mario is a player that you play with most of the time in the games called Super mario or mario he can move around and jump and can grow bigger. What does he look like he looks short with a giant head he has light blue eyes and a black mastache. Mario wears a red hat with a white M on it he also wears a red long sleave t-shirt with an  dark blue denim overall and white gloves. Mario is italyian.

To play you have to play it on a keyboard. You have to use the arowws to move him around the up key is the key to jump. The aroww on the left hand side is to move backwards. The button on the right hand side is to move forward and the bottome key is to duck down. Here is some advice to help you when you grow bigger you can break through the bricks right first i did not know how to play the game but now i do i would not jump on to the platform with your evil enemie is close to you  i would jump on to the platform when it goes the other way to kill your evil little enemie you can jump on it so it dies.

I think this game is very addicting to me i would recomend it to kids from maybe 4-11 of age. What i like about this game is that its challenging because sometimes you cant win and you cant lose. My thoughts about the game was its just fun and it is  awseome. What i did not like about the game because every level will always be challenging if you want to play the game here is the link to the game.
Super Mario World

Task Desciption:
We learnt to write effective paraghraghs about mario.We all sat together and we wrote in silence. What the task was asking as was to write effective paraghraghs.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Alfa's and Olivia's Similes - Activity

We are learning how to use similes to describe things in our writing to capture our audience.
I have learnt with my buddy about similes. similes is how you describe things in our writing to capture our audience.

Olivia and Alfa Using all word classes - Room 6

Monday, 22 June 2015

Maths Teacher lesson

WALT:Add and subtract fractions. This week we have learnt how to add and subtract fractions. I know that the denomernator will stay the same only the numernator changes

Problem solving Week 10

Problem 1:  WALT: solve problems with fractions
In Problem Solving this week, I have learnt that there are lots of ways to find the answer to fraction problem. Like subtraction, division,multiplication and addition. For example:there are 4/13 of apples eaten in the morning. In the afternoon there was 12/13 apples left. How many apples were eaten between the morning and the afternoon? One way we could find the answer is this:4+8=12. Another way we could find the answer is by doing this:12-4=8. SO the answer is 8!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Maths Teacher lesson Week 8

WALT:Solve problems with fractions.

For the past few weeks in Maths Teacher Lesson, we have been learning how to solve problems with fractions. I have learnt that you can use division very easily in fractions in problems and then giving it's simplest form. For example: 25/7, 25 divided by seven would equal 3 remand the 4. So it would make it 3 4/7. Is 4/7 the simplest form? Yes it is, so the answer would be 3 and 4/7.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Problem Solving-Week 9

WALT: solve problems with fractions

Task: Make a copy of the presentation. Complete the presentation with a friend or on your own. Remember to add in all of your working out so that others my understand your solution.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Problem Solving-Week 8

WALT: solve problems with fractions
Task: Make a copy of the presentation. Complete the presentation with a friend or on your own. Remember to add in all of your working out so that others my understand your solution.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Maths Teacher Lesson- Week 7

Walt: Find equivalent questions.

Task: Our task was to work as a group to learn new things such as this (finding equivalent fractions). We had to complete this a we had a few goes at it our selves. Hope you enjoy :)

maths-problem-solving week 7

WALT: solve problems with fractions.
This is my Maths Problem Solving I have solved 2 problems that my teacher has given me to do. I have done my problems and come up with an answer  I have solved these questions out to get the answer.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maths Teacher Lesson. Week 6

WALT:Solve Division Problems
 Task Description:The task was to solve division problems. We could either use Multiplication or Division.

Olivia and Omari's Problem Solving: Week 6 - Term 2

WALT: solve problems with multiple steps

 Task Description:The task was to solve division problems. We could either use Multiplication or Division.

Math teacher Lesson

WALT:Solve Problems with Decimals ********************************************************************************************************************************
Task Description:What I have learnt about decimals is that it's smaller than 1 and they have place
holders the holds the last zero. We were looking at units, tenths, hundredths and
thousandths and tried to solve the question so the next time we the compasses
will be looking it a negative number.

Olivia & Angelo Problem Solving: Week 5 - Term 2

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 **********************************************************************************************************************************   
This week in maths we have been learning about working together and I think that my friends and I did really good on that. If you think we did anything wrong comment to tell us how we went. Hope you enjoyed! Keep visiting my blog to see more of our or some body else problem solving!