Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

Today we done a wool & nail art in Rm 1 as our art rotation, I was in a group of three with Venetia, Alisha and me.

The first step we had a picture of a star, hammer and some nails.
This is what it turned out to look like.

The second step we used wool to make the shape of a star.
This is what it turned out to look like.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Immersion assembly

In the morning after the 8:50 am bell. We kicked off with an immersion  assembly with classes filling up the school hall. As I walk through the breeze I could here a song playing.

Team 1 kicked off immersion assembly with a video of there favourite things. Mrs Wild's favourite thing was her Chihuahua Joey, Miss Lals Favourite thing was soccer. Ms pecks favourite thing was pandora jewelry, Mrs Dwyers favourite thing was Ballet. Their main thing was about bright colours.

Team 2 was talking about the seasons like Summer, Winter, Autum and Spring. Mrs Szymanik was sitting in a beach chair at the beach acting out the season summer. Mrs Eadie was wearing a beanie, some mittens and a warm jacket. Mrs Eadie was acting out the season winter. There is more but i don't remember them, Their main thing was bright colours.  

Team 3 was talking architecture, They made there own version of Grand design. There host was Mr Blakey, there was Mr Moran, Mr Goodwin, Ms King, Ms squires, Mrs Davis and Mrs scanlan. They built a tent as there house saying that it was beutiful. 
There main thing is architecture. 

Team 4 showed a video of them dressed up as avengers, they were called the " Teacher vengers". The was Bear Baxindne he was the the baddy he took bobby jon's Netbook. Then the Teacher Vengers came and beat up Bear Bazendine. The names of the teacher vengers were Mr somerville, Mr Goodwin and Mrs Lavakula. Their main theme was Comic books.