Friday, 28 July 2017

Let's Rock Term 3

Let's Rock Term 3 as it has just started. This terms topic is  "Guardians of the galaxy" which is based around space and the solar system or like we say Planet earth and beyond. This is the first immersion assembly I have been excited about.

It all started when Mr Somerville drove the drone in the hall as if it was a UFO it landed on the stage. When two look alike aliens came from know where and were saying harsh things they could do on earth. Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson came with their lightsabers and fought the aliens.

Team 1's is looking at planets in space the three planets they showed in there video was the Moon, Sun and mars. Team 2's item was a remake of David Bowie's song written by Ms Gaston they will be focusing on space. Team 3's item was a video about days in there lives from Monday morning meetings to having fun in the weekends, there main focus is about days in their lives.
Team 4 made a video about there version of the Mars one project how they had kids work as if they worked for NASA, they sent all their teachers to space and apparently they all died while making there way to Mars. Finally Team 5 "THE BEST" did a live item were Mrs Judd sang a space version of Moana "How far i'll go".

My favorite was team 4 and 5 because they had interesting facts about what they are focusing on.

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